Special Deals for Organisers

We appreciate all the hard work and effort organisers put into organising games and for all this hard work we would like to give you something back.

Allout Paintball organiser deals only apply to direct Allout Paintball bookings and do not apply to any other promotional bookings ie discount website vouchers

15 - 19 People

Group organisers of 15 people or more receive 400 free balls

20 - 24 people

Group organisers of 20 people or more receive 600 free balls

25 People +

Group organisers of 25 people or more receive 1000 free balls

Book Now to take advantage of this very special offer.

Organiser Poster

To make life easier whilst organising your paintballing trip, here's a handy organiser poster to put up on the wall at work, school or organisation. All you need do is print it off and put it on the wall/notice board with your details, contact number and game date and then people can sign up. It's that easy!